Unique role of orbital angular momentum in subshell-resolved photoionization of C60

Matthew A. McCune, Mohamed Madjet, Himadri S. Chakraborty

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We predict that the oscillations in the subshell photoionization of C 60 evolve with the orbital angular momentum of the bound electrons such that the structures of the highest and the lowest angular momentum subshell cross sections differ dramatically. The effect results from a decrease in the photoelectron production at the molecular inner edge due to the angular momentum generated repulsion on the electron. Fourier analysis of the cross sections at energies below the carbon K-shell continuum indicates that the effect can be observed by photoelectron spectroscopy. The phenomenon should be generic in the photoionization of nanoparticles containing delocalized electrons.

Original languageEnglish
Article number201003
JournalJournal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Issue number20
Publication statusPublished - 28 Oct 2008
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