Two novel mutations in exon 11 of the PAH gene (V1163del TG and P362T) associated with classic phenylketonuira and mild phenylketonuria. Mutations in brief no. 143. Online.

J. Mallolas, J. Campistol, N. Lambruschini, M. A. Vilaseca, F. J. Cambra, Xavier P. Estivill, M. Milà

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PKU is one of the commonest genetic disease in man, affecting 1/10,000 individuals. It presents a wide phenotypical spectrum, from classic PKU to moderate Hyperpheylalaninemia depending on the residual enzymatic activity. Two novel mutations 1163/1164delTG and P362T in exon 11 have been detected during the mutational screening of the PAH gene in 84 families. 1163/1164delTC can be confused with V388M if the mutational screening is performed with BsaAI restriction enzyme, this mutation in heterozigosis presents a moderate phenotype. P362T mutation in heterozigosis with V388M shows a classical PKU phenotype. We report here two new mutations in exon 11 of the PAH gene (GenBank U49897), V1163delTG and P362T (using cDNA sequence), detected during the analysis of 57 PKU and 36 HPA patients belonging to 84 unrelated families detected under a neonatal screening program performed in Catalonia.

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JournalHuman Mutation
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1998
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