Theoretical and experimental evaluation of four spacevector modulations applied to quasi-Z-source inverters

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There are three existing space-vector modulation (SVM) methods for three-phase Z-source/quasi-Z-source inverter (ZSI/qZSI), and a new one can be extended from the existing SVMs. These four SVMs are never compared and evaluated in terms of their performances. This study conducts the theoretical analysis and experimental evaluations of four SVMs. The switching control patterns, the available shoot-through duty ratio, the boost capability, the maximum voltage stress across the switch, inductor current ripple, total average switch device power, ac output current's harmonic and efficiency are fully addressed in the theoretical and experimental comparisons. A three-phase qZSI prototype is built to carry out the experimental evaluation. The valuable suggestions are summarised in the conclusion

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JournalIET Power Electronics
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Publication statusPublished - 2013


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