The sicilian grid infrastructure for high performance computing

Carmelo Marcello Iacono-Manno, Marco Fargetta, Roberto Barbera, Alberto Falzone, Giuseppe Andronico, Salvatore Monforte, Annamaria Muoio, Riccardo Bruno, Pietro Di Primo, Salvatore Orlando, Emanuele Leggio, Alessandro Lombardo, Gianluca Passaro, Gianmarco Morales, Simona Blandino

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The conjugation of High Performance Computing (HPC) and Grid paradigm with applications based on commercial software is one among the major challenges of today e-Infrastructures. Several research communities from either industry or academia need to run high parallel applications based on licensed software over hundreds of CPU cores; a satisfactory fulfillment of such requests is one of the keys for the penetration of this computing paradigm into the industry world and sustainability of Grid infrastructures. This problem has been tackled in the context of the PI2S2 project that created a regional e-Infrastructure in Sicily, the first in Italy over a regional area. Present article will describe the features added in order to integrate an HPC facility into the PI2S2 Grid infrastructure, the adoption of the InifiniBand low-latency net connection, the gLite middleware extended to support MPI/MPI2 jobs, the newly developed license server and the specific scheduling policy adopted. Moreover, it will show the results of some relevant use cases belonging to Computer Fluid-Dynamics (Fluent, OpenFOAM), Chemistry (GAMESS), Astro-Physics (Flash) and Bio-Informatics (ClustalW)).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)40-54
Number of pages15
JournalInternational Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010
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  • e-Infrastructure
  • gLite
  • Grid
  • MPI
  • PI2S2
  • Software licences

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Iacono-Manno, C. M., Fargetta, M., Barbera, R., Falzone, A., Andronico, G., Monforte, S., Muoio, A., Bruno, R., Di Primo, P., Orlando, S., Leggio, E., Lombardo, A., Passaro, G., Morales, G., & Blandino, S. (2010). The sicilian grid infrastructure for high performance computing. International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies, 1(1), 40-54.