The poetry chapbook: Blessing or curse?

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For many poets, getting a chapbook published is the first step to getting their full-length collection published. Difficult as it is to pin down when chapbooks entered the poetry scene of America, no one denies the role they played in American poetry. Chapbooks often were the only option for experimental poetry. For the past 50-plus years, chapbook publication by established organizations and presses has been steadily growing. New and emerging poets find in the exercise of preparing poems for a chapbook a way to assemble their best work to date and explore the shape of their first full-length book. As a means of presenting more poets to the public and facilitating the careers emerging poets are building, the chapbook cannot be praised highly enough. It connects poet to reader in a most intimate way - often through hand-to-hand distribution. It assists poets in identifying themes and finding connections between the poems they write. These are just a few of the benefits the chapbook offers. Others will be covered in the paper. Tips will be given for preparing the chapbook for publication.

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