Aktywność, stabilność i selektywnoś ć katalizatorów żelazowych w reakcji Fischera i Troscha w reaktorach zawiesinowych

Translated title of the contribution: The activity, stability and selectivity of Fischer-Tropsch iron catalysts in slurry reactors

Lech Nowicki, Stanisław Ledakowicz, Dragomir B. Bukur

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A 100Fe/3Cu/4K/16SiO2 (w/w) catalyst (cf. D.B. Bukur et al., Ener. Fuels, 9, 620 (1995)), particle size < 53 μm, suspended in Albemarle's Durasyn-164 oil, activated 2 h/240°C with H2, and tested 220 h at 260°C/1.5 MPa and 220 h at 260°C/2.2 MPa, converted CO in 84 and 80%, (H2 + CO) in 79 and 76%, and showed selectivity toward C12+ 71.9 and 70.5%, resp. Activity loss, 2% in 260 h/1.5 MPa, rose considerably at 2.2 MPa. A novel activation procedure, with CO, enhanced catalyst activity and stability, esp. at 2.2 MPa. Within a 240-h test, conversion rose from 78 to 84%. The catalyst compared favorably with the Ruhrchemie, Mobil, and Rheinpreussen F-T catalysts and is now the best for producing paraffin waxes.

Original languagePolish
Pages (from-to)580-582
Number of pages3
JournalPrzemysl Chemiczny
Issue number8-9
Publication statusPublished - 2003
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