Techno-economic analysis of hybrid high performance MSF desalination plant with NF membrane

Abdel Nasser A. Mabrouk, Hassan El banna S. Fath

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Techno-economic analysis of a newly developed high performance multistage flash configuration with deaeration and brine mix (MSF-DM) is presented. The techno-economical analysis includes also the use of nanofiltration (NF) as a pretreatment method for MSF to increase its top brine temperature (TBT) to 130°C. A mathematical model of NF membrane is developed and verified using Visual Design and Simulation program for typical operating NF unit (Umlluj, KSA). The techno-economic analysis of integrating NF pretreatment for the existing multistage flash-brine recirculation (MSF-BR) and newly developed MSF-DM configurations is performed. Integration of NF system to existing desalination plant (NF-MSF) and treatment of only 30% of make-up enable to increase the TBT up to 130°C, the production can be increased to 19%. The cost analysis showed the unit product cost is 5.4% higher than that conventional MSF (at 110°C) due to the additional capital cost of NF system. Integrating NF system to new configuration (NF-MSF-DM) desalination plant at the TBT = 130°C, the gain output ratio could be as high as 16, i.e. double the convention MSF-BR. The new NF-MSF-DM configuration significantly reduces the unit's input thermal energy to suit the use of (the relatively expensive) solar energy as a desalination plant driver. On the other hand, the level-ized water cost of NF-MSF-DM (at TBT = 130°C) is 14% lower than conventional MSF (at 110° C) at the current oil price 104$/bbl.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalDesalination and Water Treatment
Issue number4-6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2013



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