Synthesis, characterization and performance of Pd-based core-shell methane oxidation nano-catalysts

Sardar Ali, Jaber Al Marri, Amina S. Al-Jaber, Ahmed G. Abdelmoneim, Mahmoud M. Khader

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In this paper, a comparative investigation of the catalytic performances of Pd@TiO2 and Pd@CeO2, core-shells nanocatalysts supported over functionalized alumina, for application to methane oxidation is presented. The results indicated that the Pd@CeO2/SiO2.Al2O3 core-shell nanocatalyst exhibited higher activity and stability than the Pd@TiO2/SiO2.Al2O3 nanocatalyst. Complete combustion of methane over the Pd@CeO2/SiO2.Al2O3 nanocatalyst was achieved at about 400 °C. By contrast, the maximum combustion of methane over the Pd@TiO2/SiO2.Al2O3 nanocatalyst was only attained at ~550 °C. The Pd@TiO2/SiO2.Al2O3 nanocatalyst experienced deactivation, and a transient dip in methane conversion in the temperature region between 580 °C and 750 °C was also observed. The exceptional activity of the Pd@CeO2/SiO2.Al2O3 nanocatalyst was attributed to the intimate interaction between palladium (Pd) and ceria (CeO2) and efficient oxygen back-spillover at Pd and CeO2 interface resulting from the core-shell structure.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 1 Jan 2018
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  • Core-shell nano-catalyst
  • Methane oxidation
  • Pd@CeO.SiO and Pd@TiO

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