Structural and magnetic properties of la Mn1-x Fex O3 (0<x<1.0)

X. D. Zhou, L. R. Pederson, Q. Cai, J. Yang, B. J. Scarfino, M. Kim, W. B. Yelon, W. J. James, H. U. Anderson, C. Wang

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    Electronic, structural, and magnetic properties of Mn-doped lanthanum ferrites were studied by neutron diffraction, superconducting quantum interference device, and impedance spectroscopy. Neutron diffraction refinements were performed with the constraint of full La occupancy, which showed the presence of excess oxygen when x<0.4. Mixed valent Mn cations and cation vacancies, therefore, exist in all the samples. The samples with x>0.7 are magnetically ordered at room temperature with orthorhombic symmetry (Pbnm). When x<0.3 the structure is rhombohedral and magnetically disordered above 16 K. The majority carriers, electron holes, correspond to high oxidation states of Mn. The carrier concentration is determined from the Seebeck coefficients, and is a function of temperature and Fe concentration. The measurements of conductivity and Seebeck coefficients show polaron hopping at elevated temperatures.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number08M918
    JournalJournal of Applied Physics
    Issue number8
    Publication statusPublished - 25 May 2006


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    Zhou, X. D., Pederson, L. R., Cai, Q., Yang, J., Scarfino, B. J., Kim, M., Yelon, W. B., James, W. J., Anderson, H. U., & Wang, C. (2006). Structural and magnetic properties of la Mn1-x Fex O3 (0<x<1.0). Journal of Applied Physics, 99(8), [08M918].