Storage optimization for 3D streaming systems

Khaled Diab, Tarek Elgamal, Kiana Calagari, Mohamed Hefeeda

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Three dimensional (3D) content is becoming attractive in entertainment events such as soccer games and movies. Also, 3D displays are widespread at homes, offices, and theaters. Yet, 3D content may lack good 3D experience due to varying display technologies and sizes. In addition, 3D content providers may not be able to deliver their content to all potential subscribers, which leads to viewership reduction or dissatisfaction. In this work, we propose the design of a system for enhanced 3D content streaming. In order to support all 3D display technologies and sizes in the system, we design different 3D versions of the original videos that are optimized for various displays. Moreover, we propose a storage optimization algorithm that optimizes storage usage in our system depending on versions popularity as well as storage and processing requirements. The algorithm satisfies the limited processing resources, maximum delay, and request rate requirements. We implemented and deployed the proposed system on the cloud for live testing. We simulated the proposed algorithm to study its effect on the storage requirements in 3D streaming systems. The results of the simulations show that the algorithm can achieve storage gain up to 360x compared to storing all versions.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages11
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014
Event5th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference, MMSys 2014 - Singapore, Singapore
Duration: 19 Mar 201421 Mar 2014


Other5th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference, MMSys 2014



  • 3D streaming
  • 3D video
  • Multimedia streaming
  • Stereo video
  • Storage management
  • Storage optimization

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Diab, K., Elgamal, T., Calagari, K., & Hefeeda, M. (2014). Storage optimization for 3D streaming systems. 59-69. Paper presented at 5th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference, MMSys 2014, Singapore, Singapore.