Simplified analysis of transport in reverse osmosis (RO) hollow fibers (HF) membranes

M. Abdel-Jawad, M. A. Darwish

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Reverse osmosis hollow fibers membranes are widely used in desalting seawater. The Kimura-Sourirajan analysis (1) could be used successfully to predict the performance of this type of membrane as shown by Ohya et al. (2). However, this method is lengthy, requires complicated calculations, and its transport equations do not consider the selectivity of the membrane. This paper presents two modifications, to simplify the Kimura-Sourirajan analysis and to predict the performance of the RO hollow fiber membranes. The first simplification takes the advantage of insignificant concentration polarization in hollow fiber membranes to reduce its expression from exponential to a linear form. This simplifies the calculations greatly with almost no loss of accuracy. The second modification introduces the selectivity coefficient (known as Stavermann Coefficient) in the transport equation together with the previous simplification. The calculated results of the simplified analyses were compared with the calculated results of the original Kimura-Sourirajan analysis and showed close agreement. The characteristics information concerning the HF membranes are those of B-10 Permasep (of Du Pont Company).

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1989


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