Semi-blind equalization of nonlinear communication channels using transmitter precoding

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By taking advantage of the additional information provided by a transmitter precoder, semi-blind approaches are proposed for identification and equalization of the so-called LTI-ZMNL-LTI nonlinear channels, which consist of two Linear Time Invariant (LTI) filters separated by a polynomial type Zero Memory NonLinearity (ZMNL). Identification of the linear subsystems relies on the output second order cyclostationary / stationary statistics, induced in the transmit data by non-redundant periodically time-varying and/or redundant block precoders. It is shown that identification of linear subsystems is robust to channel order over-estimation errors, location of channel zeros, and color of additive noise. Assuming that the ZMNL is a one-to-one map, transmitter precoding allows also exact Zero-Forcing (ZF) linear equalization of LTI-ZMNL-LTI channels, without restrictions on the zeros of the linear subsystems and channel order overestimation errors.

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