Self-assembled nanoparticle of common food constituents that carries a sparingly soluble small molecule

Deepak Bhopatkar, Tao Feng, Feng Chen, Genyi Zhang, Marcelo Carignano, Sung Hyun Park, Haining Zhuang, Osvaldo H. Campanella, Bruce R. Hamaker

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A previously reported nanoparticle formed through the self-assembly of common food constituents (amylose, protein, and fatty acids) was shown to have the capacity to carry a sparingly soluble small molecule (1-naphthol) in a dispersed system. Potentiometric titration showed that 1-naphthol locates in the lumen of the amylose helix of the nanoparticle. This finding was further supported by calorimetric measurements, showing higher enthalpies of dissociation and reassociation in the presence of 1-naphthol. Visually, the 1-naphthol-loaded nanoparticle appeared to be well-dispersed in aqueous solution. Molecular dynamics simulation showed that the self-assembly was favorable, and at 500 ns, the 1-naphthol molecule resided in the helix of the amylose lumen in proximity to the hydrophobic tail of the fatty acid. Thus, sparingly soluble small molecules, such as some nutraceuticals or drugs, could be incorporated and delivered by this soft nanoparticle carrier.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)4312-4319
Number of pages8
JournalJournal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished - 6 May 2015



  • hydrophobic
  • molecular dynamics simulation
  • molecular inclusion
  • small molecules
  • soft nanoparticles

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Bhopatkar, D., Feng, T., Chen, F., Zhang, G., Carignano, M., Park, S. H., Zhuang, H., Campanella, O. H., & Hamaker, B. R. (2015). Self-assembled nanoparticle of common food constituents that carries a sparingly soluble small molecule. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63(17), 4312-4319.