Results from the Antarctic muon and nuetrino detector array

J. Ahrens, X. Bai, S. W. Barwick, T. Becka, K. H. Becker, E. Bernardini, D. Bertrand, F. Binon, A. Biron, S. Böser, O. Botner, Othmane Bouhali, T. Burgess, S. Carius, T. Castermans, A. Chen, D. Chirkin, J. Conrad, J. Cooley, D. F. CowenA. Davour, C. De Clercq, T. De Young, P. Desiati, J. P. Dewulf, P. Doksus, P. Ekström, T. Feser, T. K. Gaisser, M. Gaug, L. Gerhardt, A. Godschmidt, A. Hallgren, F. Halzen, K. Hanson, R. Hardtke, T. Hauschildt, M. Hellwig, P. Herquet, G. C. Hill, P. O. Hulth, S. Hundertmark, J. Jacobson, A. Karle, B. Koci, L. Köpke, P. Kuehn, M. Kowalski, J. I. Lamoureux, H. Leich, M. Leuthold, P. Lindahl, I. Liubarsky, J. Madsen, P. Marciniewski, H. S. Matis, C. P. McParland, Y. Minaeva, P. Miočinovć, R. Morse, R. Nahnhauer, T. Neunhöffer, P. Niessen, D. R. Nygren, H. Ogelman, Ph Olbrechts, C. Péres de los Heros, A. C. Pohl, P. B. Price, G. T. Przybylski, K. Rawlins, E. Resconi, W. Rhode, M. Ribordy, S. Richter, J. Rodríguez Martino, D. Ross, H. G. Sander, T. Schmidt, D. Schneider, R. Schwarz, A. Silvestri, M. Solarz, G. M. Spiczak, C. Spiering, D. Steele, P. Steffen, R. G. Stokstad, P. Sudhoff, K. H. Sulanke, I. Taboada, L. Thollander, S. Tilay, C. Walck, C. Weinheimer, C. H. Wiebusch, C. Wiedemann, H. Wissing

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We show new results from both the older and newer incarnations of AMANDA (AMANDA-B10 and AMANDA-II, respectively). These results demonstrate that AMANDA is a functioning, multipurpose detector with significant physics and astrophysics reach. They include a new higher-statistics measurement of the atmospheric muon neutrino flux and preliminary results from searches for a variety of sources of ultrahigh energy neutrinos: generic point sources, gamma-ray bursters and diffuse sources producing muons in the detector, and diffuse sources producing electromagnetic or hadronic showers in or near the detector.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)371-379
Number of pages9
JournalNuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2003
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Ahrens, J., Bai, X., Barwick, S. W., Becka, T., Becker, K. H., Bernardini, E., Bertrand, D., Binon, F., Biron, A., Böser, S., Botner, O., Bouhali, O., Burgess, T., Carius, S., Castermans, T., Chen, A., Chirkin, D., Conrad, J., Cooley, J., ... Wissing, H. (2003). Results from the Antarctic muon and nuetrino detector array. Nuclear Physics B - Proceedings Supplements, 118, 371-379.