Recruitment of members of high-risk Utah pedigrees

Roger R. Williams, Steven C. Hunt

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Cardiovascular Genetics Research Projects in Utah are designed to investigate genetic and environmental determinants of early coronary disease, stroke, and hypertension in population-based pedigrees. Early coronary disease is defined as the occurence of documented coronary death or myocardial infarction before age 55. Detailed recruitment experience is reported for 2500 persons age 3-83 years in 98 high-risk pedigrees from three ascertainment groups: 1. 1. Descendants of sibships with two or more stroke deaths before age 75. 2. 2. Descendants of sibships with two or more coronary deaths before age 55. 3. 3. First- and second-degree relatives of hypertensive and normotensive probands randomly selected from the Utah Hypertension Detection and Follow-up Program. A response rate of 94% of invited adults attending the first 4-hour clinic visit for detailed screening in 1980-1983 was achieved by multiple telephone, mail, and personal contacts and rescheduling of missed clinic appointments. For the same participants, a second screening cycle in 1983-1986 showed a 91% response of invited adults. Second visit response rates were examined within subgroups according to data collected at the first clinic visit. Below average response rates included 79% of persons with fewer than 12 years of education, 84% of current smokers, and 86% of divorced persons. Above average response rates included 93% of persons attending college and 95% of persons with total family income above $25,000. There were no differences in response according to sex or age. The average cost of recruitment was $59 per person and represented about 10% of the total budget for the High-Risk Pedigree Project.

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Number of pages10
JournalControlled Clinical Trials
Issue number4 SUPPL. 1
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1987


  • coronary disease
  • epidemiology
  • genetics
  • hypertension
  • stroke

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