Qatar Exoplanet Survey: Qatar-7b - A Very Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Metal-rich F-Star

Khalid Al-Subai, Zlatan Tsvetanov, David W. Latham, Allyson Bieryla, Stylianos Pyrzas, Dimitrios Mislis, Gilbert A. Esquerdo, Ali Esamdin, Jinzhong Liu, Lu Ma, Marc Bretton, Enric Pallé, Felipe Murgas, Nicolas P.E. Vilchez, Timothy D. Morton, Hannu Parviainien, Pilar Montañes-Rodriguez, Norio Narita, Akihiko Fukui, Nobuhiko KusakabeMotohide Tamura

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We present the discovery of Qatar-7b-a very hot and inflated giant gas planet orbiting close to its parent star. The host star is a relatively massive main-sequence F-star with mass and radius M = 1.41 ± 0.03 M and R = 1.56 ± 0.02 R , respectively, at a distance d = 726 < 26 pc, and an estimated age ∼1 Gyr. With its orbital period of P = 2.032 days, the planet is located less than five stellar radii from its host star and is heated to a high temperature T eq ≈ 2100 K. From a global solution to the available photometric and radial velocity observations, we calculate the mass and radius of the planet to be M P = 1.88 ± 0.25 M J and R P = 1.70 ± 0.03 R J , respectively. The planet radius and equilibrium temperature put Qatar-7b in the top 6% of the hottest and largest known exoplanets. With its large radius and high temperature, Qatar-7b is a valuable addition to the short list of targets that offer the best opportunity for studying their atmospheres through transmission spectroscopy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number74
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1 Feb 2019



  • planetary systems
  • planets and satellites: detection
  • planets and satellites: fundamental parameters
  • techniques: photometric

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  • Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Space and Planetary Science

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Al-Subai, K., Tsvetanov, Z., Latham, D. W., Bieryla, A., Pyrzas, S., Mislis, D., Esquerdo, G. A., Esamdin, A., Liu, J., Ma, L., Bretton, M., Pallé, E., Murgas, F., Vilchez, N. P. E., Morton, T. D., Parviainien, H., Montañes-Rodriguez, P., Narita, N., Fukui, A., ... Tamura, M. (2019). Qatar Exoplanet Survey: Qatar-7b - A Very Hot Jupiter Orbiting a Metal-rich F-Star. Astronomical Journal, 157(2), [74].