Physical properties of the WASP-67 planetary system from multi-colour photometry

L. Mancini, J. Southworth, S. Ciceri, S. Calchi Novati, M. Dominik, Th Henning, U. G. Jørgensen, H. Korhonen, N. Nikolov, Khalid Al-Subai, V. Bozza, D. M. Bramich, G. D'Ago, R. Figuera Jaimes, P. Galianni, S. H. Gu, K. Harpsøe, T. C. Hinse, M. Hundertmark, D. JuncherN. Kains, A. Popovas, M. Rabus, S. Rahvar, J. Skottfelt, C. Snodgrass, R. Street, J. Surdej, Y. Tsapras, C. Vilela, X. B. Wang, O. Wertz

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Context. The extrasolar planet WASP-67 b is the first hot Jupiter definitively known to undergo only partial eclipses. The lack of the second and third contact points in this planetary system makes it difficult to obtain accurate measurements of its physical parameters.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberA127
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2014



  • Planetary systems
  • Stars: fundamental parameters
  • Techniques: photometric

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Mancini, L., Southworth, J., Ciceri, S., Calchi Novati, S., Dominik, M., Henning, T., Jørgensen, U. G., Korhonen, H., Nikolov, N., Al-Subai, K., Bozza, V., Bramich, D. M., D'Ago, G., Figuera Jaimes, R., Galianni, P., Gu, S. H., Harpsøe, K., Hinse, T. C., Hundertmark, M., ... Wertz, O. (2014). Physical properties of the WASP-67 planetary system from multi-colour photometry. Astronomy and Astrophysics, 568, [A127].