On the structure and pressure of tethered polymer layers in good solvent

Marcelo Carignano, I. Szleifer

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The single-chain mean-field (SCMF) theory was used to study the behavior of the lateral pressures and the structure of tethered polymer chains in the good solvent regime. For all chain lengths investigated, a very broad transition region between the mushroom regime and the brush regime i.e., high surface coverages, was observed. The chains start to interact with each other at much longer distances than those that would be expected from the lateral dimensions of the chain. In the low- and intermediate density regimes, from mushroom to relatively stretched chains, all the dimensions of the chain can be scaled by the bulk radius of gyration of the chains. The lateral pressures in the same regime were found to be universal in a scaling variable different than previously proposed.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Apr 1995
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