New approach to sensorless control of three-phase induction motor with parameters estimation

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The main problem during realization of nonlinear control systems of induction motor is the identification of not available, for direct measurement, state variables. Other major problem is the estimation of motor parameters. In this paper the proposed systems control of induction motor gives the possibility to solve several problems which faced the using of nonlinear control idea. It has been used multiscalar model to sensorless control of induction motor with parameters estimation. Such control system with on line rotor resistance and inductance estimation is presented. The calculation of other parameters like stator resistance and mutual inductance is also discussed. In presented paper nonlinear steady state relationships between active and reactive powers and multiscalar model variables are used instead of the full state observer. Simulation results in real time are shown.

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JournalModelling, measurement and control. A, general physics, electronics, electrical engineering
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