NADEEF: A generalized data cleaning system

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We present NADEEF, an extensible, generic and easy-to-deploy data cleaning system. NADEEF distinguishes between a programming interface and a core to achieve generality and extensibility. The programming interface allows users to specify data quality rules by writing code that implements predefined classes. These classes uniformly define what is wrong with the data and (possibly) how to fix it. We will demonstrate the following features provided by NADEEF. (1) Heterogeneity: The programming interface can be used to express many types of data quality rules beyond the well known CFDs (FDs), MDs and ETL rules. (2) Interdependency: The core algorithms can interleave multiple types of rules to detect and repair data errors. (3) Deployment and extensibility: Users can easily customize NADEEF by defining new types of rules, or by extending the core. (4) Metadata management and data custodians: We show a live data quality dashboard to effectively involve users in the data cleaning process.

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