Metabolomics in cell culture - A strategy to study crucial metabolic pathways in cancer development and the response to treatment

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Metabolomics is a comprehensive tool for monitoring processes within biological systems. Thus, metabolomics may be widely applied to the determination of diagnostic biomarkers for certain diseases or treatment outcomes. There is significant potential for metabolomics to be implemented in cancer research because cancer may modify metabolic pathways in the whole organism. However, not all biological questions can be answered solely by the examination of small molecule composition in biofluids; in particular, the study of cellular processes or preclinical drug testing requires ex vivo models. The major objective of this review was to summarise the current achievement in the field of metabolomics in cancer cell culture - focusing on the metabolic pathways regulated in different cancer cell lines - and progress that has been made in the area of drug screening and development by the implementation of metabolomics in cell lines.

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JournalArchives of Biochemistry and Biophysics
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  • Cancer cell lines
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  • Metabolic alterations
  • Metabolomics

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