Ion beam analysis of irradiation effects in 6H-SiC

W. Jiang, W. J. Weber, Y. Zhang, S. Thevuthasan, V. Shutthanandan

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    Irradiation in 6H-SiC single crystal wafers has been performed at temperatures ranging from 150 to 550 K using 2.0 MeV Au2+ or at 300 K using 50 keV He+ ions. Additional irradiation for the He+-irradiated specimen was carried out near room temperature using 50 MeV I10+ ions to ∼0.1 ions/nm2. In situ isothermal annealing for 6H-SiC irradiated at 500 K to 2.0 Au2+/nm2 was also conducted up to 90 min at the irradiation temperature. The lattice disorder in the irradiated samples has been determined using either 2.0 MeV He+ or 0.94 MeV D+ channeling analysis along the 〈0 0 0 1〉 axis. Results show that there is a substantial diffusion of the Si defects into a greater depth during the Au2+ irradiation at 500 and 550 K. Complete amorphization at 550 K does not occur up to a maximum fluence of 15 Au2+/nm2 in this study. Significant thermal recovery of the Si defects produced at 150 K was not observed during the subsequent thermal annealing at 500 K. Following the I10+ irradiation in the He+-irradiated specimen near room temperature, remarkable recrystallization at the amorphous-crystalline interfaces around the damage profile is observed.

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    JournalNuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2003
    EventSymposium: Ion beam processing and modification of glasses and - St.Louis, Missouri, United States
    Duration: 28 Apr 20021 May 2002



    • Disorder accumulation and recovery
    • Ion channeling analysis
    • Ion irradiation
    • SiC

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