Interior permanent magnet motor-based isolated on-board integrated battery charger for electric vehicles

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This study proposes an isolated on-board integrated battery charger using an interior permanent magnet (IPM) machine with a nine-slot/eight-pole combination or its multiples, and equipped with a non-overlapped fractional slot concentrated winding. The proposed winding layout comprises three three-phase winding sets that are connected in such a way as to provide six motor terminals. Hence, a six-phase or two three-phase converters will be required for propulsion. Under motoring mode, the machine can be effectively regarded as a six-phase machine, which provides a high fault-tolerant capability, and allows for a 'limp home' mode of operation. Additionally, all magneto motive force subharmonics are eliminated, which significantly reduces the induced rotor eddy current losses, when compared with a conventional three-phase motor having the same slot/pole combination. In battery charging mode, the winding is reconfigured, so that the machine is considered as a three-phase to six-phase rotating transformer. A 40 kW IPM machine is designed and simulated under different modes of operation using two-dimensional finite element analysis to validate the proposed concept. A small-scale prototype machine is also used for experimental validation.

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