Integration of Biomass Gasification and CO2 Capture in the LCA Model for the Energy, Water and Food Nexus

Tareq Al-Ansari, Anna Korre, Zhenggang Nie, Nilay Shah

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The energy, water and food (EWF) Nexus tool developed by the authors is used to evaluate the different pathways for a hypothetical 40 % food self-sufficiency target in Qatar. The EWF systems are represented by sub-systems described in detail. With emphasis on the inter-linkages between EWF resources, the tool quantifies material flows, natural resource and energy consumption at component unit process level. In this paper, the EWF Nexus tool detailed previously in Al-Ansari et al. (2014; 2015) is expanded to include waste management techniques, in which the objective is to reduce the reported life cycle scores. The sub-systems consist of a biomass integrated gasification combined cycle (BIGCC) which recycles solid waste into useful forms of energy that can be re-used within the nexus. In addition, a carbon capture (CC) sub-system is integrated to capture and recycle CO2 from both the CCGT and the BIGCC. The integration of CC with the BIGCC transforms the carbon neutral BIGCC process to a negative GHG emission technology (BECCS). For the different scenarios and sub-system configurations considered, the global warming potential can be theoretically balanced (reduced by ~ 98 %) through the integration of photovoltaic (PV), BIGCC and CC technologies. The peak GWP, i.e. a fully fossil fuel dependent system, is recorded at 1.73 × 109 kg CO2 eq. /year whilst the lowest achievable GWP is 2.18 × 107 kg CO2 eq. /year when utilising a combination of PV, CC integrated with CCGT in addition to BECCS technology. The natural gas consumption is reduced by 7.8 × 107 kg/year in the best case configuration achieving a credit. In the same scenario, the PV land footprint required is calculated to a maximum of 660 ha. The maximum theoretically achievable negative emission is 1.09 × 109 kg CO2/year.

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