Impact of grid-tied large-scale photovoltaic system on dynamic voltage stability of electric power grids

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Perfect power system voltage stability is not possible in practice. Generally, the power grid is continually exposed to changes in its load and operating conditions. Therefore, dynamic stability analysis is one the most important and effective elements for greater security, stability and reliability of planning, design, operation and economic aspects of electric power networks. This study investigates and reports on the dynamic stability of the power system with a large-scale photovoltaic system (L-S PV). Two different scenarios with centralised PV power plants are considered in the medium voltage level without voltage regulation capabilities. Simulation results with these scenarios will show how the voltage instability decreases with the LS PV based on the bus status, disturbance location, and disturbance duration. In addition, the study discusses network terminal voltage, generator's rotor angle, generator's terminal current, generator's reactive power and electrical power output. This study is an extension of the earlier published conference paper.

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