Identification of tumor antigens that elicit a humoral immune response in breast cancer patients' sera by serological proteome analysis (SERPA)

Bechr Hamrita, Karim Chahed, Maria Kabbage, Christelle Lemaitre Guillier, Mounir Trimeche, Anouar Chaïeb, Lotfi Chouchane

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Background: In this study we applied a serological proteomics-based approach (SERPA) to identify tumor antigens that commonly induce a humoral immune response in patients with infiltrating ductal breast carcinomas. Methods: Sera obtained at the time of diagnosis from 40 patients with invasive breast cancer and 42 healthy controls were screened individually for the presence of IgG antibodies to MCF-7 cell line proteins. Immunoreactive proteins were isolated and subsequently identified by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Results: We identified 26 proteins that reacted with antibodies in the sera from breast cancer patients. Among these antigens, a significantly higher frequency occurs against the molecular chaperone HSP60, the tumor suppressor prohibitin, β-tubulin, the haptoglobin-related protein and peroxiredoxin-2. Immunoreactivity to hnRNPK, Mn-SOD and F1-ATPase was also clearly detected in the patients group, whereas scarcely in control sera. By contrast, two other antigens identified as cytokeratins 8 and 18, as well as, F1-actin were found to elicit humoral immune responses in both control and breast cancer patients' sera. Conclusions: The immunoproteomic approach implemented here offers a powerful tool for determining novel tumor antigens that elicit a humoral immune response in patients with invasive breast cancer. These antigens and/or their related circulating antibodies may display clinical usefulness as potential diagnostic markers and provide a means for a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying breast cancer development.

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Number of pages8
JournalClinica Chimica Acta
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 17 Jul 2008
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  • Autoantibody
  • Infiltrating ductal carcinomas
  • Serological proteome analysis
  • Tumor antigen

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