High power density redox flow battery cells

M. L. Perry, R. M. Darling, Rachid Zaffou

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Redox flow batteries possess several key advantages that make them well suited for grid-scale energy-storage applications. However, the capital cost of flow batteries has been a major barrier to commercialization of this technology. One attractive path to cost reduction is the development of flow-battery cells with substantially higher power densities than conventional flow-battery cells. The cost of the cells comprises a significant portion of the total flow-battery system cost, especially at low production volumes, since cell parts are custom-built components. UTRC has developed high power density vanadium-redox battery cells utilizing a material set similar to conventional cells. This advanced cell technology can theoretically be applied to other flow-battery chemistries as well. This breakthrough in cell performance should motivate additional development of flow-battery technologies, since a realistic path to substantial cost reduction, which can be realized even at low production volumes, has now been demonstrated.

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Publication statusPublished - 2013
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EventStationary and Large Scale Electrical Energy Storage 2 - 223rd ECS Meeting - Toronto, ON
Duration: 12 May 201316 May 2013


OtherStationary and Large Scale Electrical Energy Storage 2 - 223rd ECS Meeting
CityToronto, ON


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