Flux limits on ultra high energy neutrinos with AMANDA-B10

M. Ackermann, J. Ahrens, H. Albrecht, D. Atlee, X. Bai, R. Bay, M. Bartelt, S. W. Barwick, T. Becka, K. H. Becker, J. K. Becker, E. Bernardini, D. Bertrand, D. J. Boersma, S. Böser, O. Botner, A. Bouchta, O. Bouhali, J. Braun, C. BurgessT. Burgess, T. Castermans, D. Chirkin, T. Coarasa, B. Collin, J. Conrad, J. Cooley, D. F. Cowen, A. Davour, C. De Clercq, T. De Young, P. Desiati, P. Ekström, T. Feser, T. K. Gaisser, R. Ganugapati, H. Geenen, L. Gerhardt, A. Goldschmidt, A. Groß, A. Hallgren, F. Halzen, K. Hanson, D. Hardtke, R. Hardtke, T. Harenberg, T. Hauschildt, K. Helbing, M. Hellwig, P. Herquet, G. C. Hill, J. Hodges, D. Hubert, B. Hughey, P. O. Hulth, K. Hultqvist, Stephan Hundertmark, J. Jacobsen, K. H. Kampert, A. Karle, J. Kelley, M. Kestel, L. Köpke, M. Kowalski, M. Krasberg, K. Kuehn, H. Leich, M. Leuthold, J. Lundberg, J. Madsen, K. Mandli, P. Marciniewski, H. S. Matis, C. P. McParland, T. Messarius, Y. Minaeva, P. Miočinović, R. Morse, S. Movit, K. Münich, R. Nahnhauer, J. W. Nam, T. Neunhöffer, P. Niessen, D. R. Nygren, H. Ögelman, Ph Olbrechts, C. Pérez de los Heros, A. C. Pohl, R. Porrata, P. B. Price, G. T. Przybylski, K. Rawlins, E. Resconi, W. Rhode, M. Ribordy, S. Richter, J. Rodríguez Martino, D. Rutledge

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Data taken during 1997 with the AMANDA-B10 detector are searched for a diffuse flux of neutrinos of all flavors with energies above 10 16 eV. At these energies the Earth is opaque to neutrinos, and thus neutrino induced events are concentrated at the horizon. The background are large muon bundles from down-going atmospheric air shower events. No excess events above the background expectation are observed and a neutrino flux following E -2 , with an equal mix of all flavors, is limited to E 2 φ(10 15 eV < E < 3 × 10 18 eV) ≤ 0.99 × 10 -6 GeV cm -2 s -1 sr -1 at 90% confidence level. This is the most restrictive experimental bound placed by any neutrino detector at these energies. Bounds to specific extra-terrestrial eutrino flux predictions are also presented.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)339-353
Number of pages15
JournalAstroparticle Physics
Issue number5-6
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2005
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  • Neutrino astronomy
  • Neutrino telescopes
  • UHE neutrinos

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Ackermann, M., Ahrens, J., Albrecht, H., Atlee, D., Bai, X., Bay, R., Bartelt, M., Barwick, S. W., Becka, T., Becker, K. H., Becker, J. K., Bernardini, E., Bertrand, D., Boersma, D. J., Böser, S., Botner, O., Bouchta, A., Bouhali, O., Braun, J., ... Rutledge, D. (2005). Flux limits on ultra high energy neutrinos with AMANDA-B10. Astroparticle Physics, 22(5-6), 339-353. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.astropartphys.2004.09.008