Primeros datos sobre la población de escorpiones (Buthus occitanus) en las islas Columbretes (Mediterraneo, España)

Translated title of the contribution: First data available for the population of scorpions (Buthus occitanus) in the Columbretes Islands (Mediterranean, Spain)

Aurora M. Castilla, Guillem X. Pons

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In this study we present the first observations and data available on the density of scorpions in the archipelago of Columbretes (Castellón, Spain). In Spring 2006 we made censuses at night using UV light, and during the day by looking under the rocks. Our results have shown that the density of scorpions in the main island Columbrete Grande (13 ha) is very high and variable in vegetated areas (0,17-0,79 individuals/m2), and very low in rocky zones without vegetation (0,006 ind/m2). The abundaance of scorpions in the smaller (0,5-1,6 ha) islands must be very low. We only saw 2 individuals in Mancolibre and one in Foradada. No scorpions were observed in Lobo and Ferrera. We discuss on the caused that may determine the presence/absence of Buthus occitanus in the archipelago, their implications on predator prey the interactions, and the consequences that global warming may have on the population dynamics of this species.

Original languageCatalan
Pages (from-to)257-268
Number of pages12
JournalBolleti de la Societat d'Historia Natural de les Balears
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2007



  • Buthidae
  • Buthus occitanus
  • Columbretes islands
  • Density
  • Global change
  • Habitat
  • Podareis atrata

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