Fate of photon blockade in the deep strong-coupling regime

Alexandre Le Boité, Myung Joong Hwang, Hyunchul Nha, Martin B. Plenio

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We investigate the photon emission properties of the driven-dissipative Rabi model in the so-called ultrastrong- and deep strong-coupling regimes where the atom-cavity coupling rate g becomes comparable or larger than the cavity frequency ωc. By solving numerically the master equation in the dressed-state basis, we compute the output field correlation functions in the steady-state for a wide range of coupling rates. We find that, as the atom-cavity coupling strength increases, the system undergoes multiple transitions in the photon statistics. In particular, a first sharp antibunching-to-bunching transition, occurring at g∼0.45ωc, leading to the breakdown of the photon blockade due to the counter-rotating terms, is shown to be the consequence of a parity shift in the energy spectrum. A subsequent revival of the photon blockade and the emergence of the quasicoherent statistics for even larger coupling rates are attributed to an interplay between the nonlinearity in the energy spectrum and the transition rates between the dressed states.

Original languageEnglish
Article number033827
JournalPhysical Review A - Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 15 Sep 2016


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