Energy status in Qatar

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Purpose: Natural gas (NG) consumption is increasing at an alarming rate, and more than 50 percent of this gas is used in generating electric power (EP) and desalted seawater (DW) in what is called cogeneration power desalting plants (CPDP). In this context, the purpose of this paper is to study the energy status in Qatar. More specifically, Qatar energy supply side is studied through the CPDP. In an effort to decrease the energy consumption by raising the efficiency of the CPDP (at the supply side), and conserving energy at the demand side, primarily energy footprint is performed. Design/methodology/approach: The status of CPDP, in terms of the type, capacity, fuel consumption is studied, and measures that should be taken to improve their performance and reduce their consumed fuel are presented. Findings: Study of the EP and DW sector showed that the fuel consumed in the CPDP can be reduced substantially by converting the simple gas turbine cycle to combined cycle to raise its efficiency from 30 percent to up to 50 percent. On the demand side, it was shown that air conditioning (AC) of buildings consumes about two-third of the summer peak load; and about half of the annual EP output. So, measures to decrease the AC cooling load are suggested by implementing building code to decrease the consumed energy in buildings. Originality/value: Data on the NG and oil proven reserve, production, and consumption are limited and scattered. It is necessary to have a clear picture of Qatar showing the flow of energy supply, demand, consumption, and losses in certain sectors to know where energy can be conserved; and this paper is the first trial in that direction. Although prime energy looks abundant today, it can be consumed locally within few decades if consumption is not controlled.

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