Energy gap and electron effective mass in chlorine halide superconductor at high pressure

R. Szczesniak, D. Szczesniak

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Dependences of the order parameter (Δ) and the electron effective mass (me ) on the temperature for the chlorine halide superconductor are determined in the present work. The high values of the pressure (p1 = 320 GPa andp2 = 360 GPa), for which the critical temperature is equal to [TC]p1 = 30.6 K and [TC]p2 = 41.5 K, are taken into consideration. It is found that the dependence of the order parameter on the temperature deviates from the predictions of the classical Bardeen - Cooper - Schrieffer theory, due to the existence of the significant strong-coupling and retardation effects. The values of the order parameter, for the temperature close to zero Kelvin, are equal to [Δ(0)]p1 = 4.89 meV and [Δ(0)]p2 = 6.82 meV. The obtained results allowed next to calculate the dimensionless ratio RΔ ≡ 2Δ(0)/kBTC, which is equal to 3.71 and 3.81 in respect to p1 and p2. In the last step, it is proven that the electron effective mass is weakly dependent on the temperature in the area of the existence of the superconducting state and reaches its maximum at the critical temperature. For the considered values of the pressure, we obtain [me ]max p1 = 1.69me and [me ]max p2 = 1.78me, where the symbol me denotes the electron band mass.

Original languageEnglish
Article number117401
JournalChinese Physics Letters
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 1 Nov 2014
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