L'embolisation des artères utérines dans le traitement des myomes utérins: État des lieux

Translated title of the contribution: Embolization of uterine arteries for uterine fibroids: State-of-the-art

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Embolization of uterine arteries for fibroids is a modern minimally invasive method for treatment of uterine fibroids. Results from published data show a substantial short-term uterine reduction, an improvement in menorrhagias, and a reduction in fibroid related pain. Hospital stay and recovery are shortened compared with hysterectomy. One randomised comparative trial EAU vs hysterectomy has showed a reduction in hospital stay length and in the rate of major complications, but an increased rate of minor complications. Pregnancies and uneventful deliveries have been reported after uterine arteries embolization. Rare but severe complications have been described. Embolization of uterine arteries can be considered as a safe alternative to hysterectomy or myomectomy in selected cases. It cannot be a routine method for treating fibroids with women of childbearing age.

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JournalGynecologie Obstetrique Fertilite
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