CO2PipeHaz: Quantitative hazard assessment for next generation CO2 pipelines

Robert M. Woolley, Michael Fairweather, Christopher J. Wareing, Samuel A E G Falle, Haroun Mahgerefteh, Sergey Martynov, Solomon Brown, Vagesh D. Narasimhamurthy, Idar E. Storvik, Lene Sælen, Trygve Skjold, Ioannis Economou, Dimitrios M. Tsangaris, Georgios C. Boulougouris, Nikolaos Diamantonis, Laurence Cusco, Mike Wardman, Simon E. Gant, Jill Wilday, Yong Chun ZhangShaoyun Chen, Christophe Proust, Jerome Hebrard, Didier Jamois

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Without a clear understanding of the hazards associated with the failure of CO2 pipelines, carbon capture and storage (CCS) cannot be considered as a viable proposition for tackling the effects of global warming. Given that CO2 is an asphyxiant at high concentrations, the development of reliable validated pipeline outflow and dispersion models are central to addressing this challenge. This information is pivotal to quantifying all the hazard consequences associated with the failure of CO2 transportation pipelines, which forms the basis for emergency response planning and determining minimum safe distances to populated areas. This paper presents an overview of the main findings of the recently completed CO2PipeHaz project [1] which focussed on the hazard assessment of CO2 pipelines to be employed as an integral part of CCS. Funded by the European Commission FP7 Energy programme, the project's main objective was to address this fundamentally important issue.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2510-2529
Number of pages20
JournalEnergy Procedia
Publication statusPublished - 2014
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  • Atmospheric dispersion
  • CCS
  • CO
  • Experimental measurement
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Multi-phase flow
  • Pipeline depressurisation

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Woolley, R. M., Fairweather, M., Wareing, C. J., Falle, S. A. E. G., Mahgerefteh, H., Martynov, S., Brown, S., Narasimhamurthy, V. D., Storvik, I. E., Sælen, L., Skjold, T., Economou, I., Tsangaris, D. M., Boulougouris, G. C., Diamantonis, N., Cusco, L., Wardman, M., Gant, S. E., Wilday, J., ... Jamois, D. (2014). CO2PipeHaz: Quantitative hazard assessment for next generation CO2 pipelines. Energy Procedia, 63, 2510-2529.