Cloud-based multimedia content protection system

Mohamed Hefeeda, Tarek Elgamal, Kiana Calagari, Ahmed Abdelsadek

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We propose a new design for large-scale multimedia content protection systems. Our design leverages cloud infrastructures to provide cost efficiency, rapid deployment, scalability, and elasticity to accommodate varying workloads. The proposed system can be used to protect different multimedia content types, including 2-D videos, 3-D videos, images, audio clips, songs, and music clips. The system can be deployed on private and/or public clouds. Our system has two novel components: (i) method to create signatures of 3-D videos, and (ii) distributed matching engine for multimedia objects. The signature method creates robust and representative signatures of 3-D videos that capture the depth signals in these videos and it is computationally efficient to compute and compare as well as it requires small storage. The distributed matching engine achieves high scalability and it is designed to support different multimedia objects. We implemented the proposed system and deployed it on two clouds: Amazon cloud and our private cloud. Our experiments with more than 11,000 3-D videos and 1 million images show the high accuracy and scalability of the proposed system. In addition, we compared our system to the protection system used by YouTube and our results show that the YouTube protection system fails to detect most copies of 3-D videos, while our system detects more than 98% of them. This comparison shows the need for the proposed 3-D signature method, since the state-of-the-art commercial system was not able to handle 3-D videos.

Original languageEnglish
Article number7005542
Pages (from-to)420-433
Number of pages14
JournalIEEE Transactions on Multimedia
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar 2015



  • 3-D video
  • cloud applications
  • depth signatures
  • video copy detection
  • video fingerprinting

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