Préparation chimique, caracterisation cristallographique, etudes thermique et vibrationnelle du cyclotriphosphate hexahydraté de manganèse et de tetra-argent, MnAg4(P3O9)2.6H2O

Translated title of the contribution: Chemical preparation, crystallographic characterization, thermal and vibrational studies of cyclotriphosphate hexahydrate of manganese and silver, MnAg4(P3O9)2.6H2O

Kacem Sbai, Azzeddine Atibi, Ali Abouimrane, Mohamed Hliwa, Abdelmjid Lahmidi

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The cyclotriphosphate hexahydrate of manganese and silver, MnAg4 (P3O9)2.6H2O, was prepared by Boullé's process. MnAg4(P3O9)2.6H2O crystallizes in the triclinic system, P-1, Z = 1 and its structure was determined by Rietveld's method. The refinement of 54 parameters by this method, using 1752 independent reflections leads to Rwp = 0.098, Rp = 0.065 and RB = 0.033 on the basis of its isotype NiAg4(P3O9)2.6H2O. The unit cell parameters of this salt are the following a = 8.824(1)Å, b = 8.485(1)Å, c = 6.609(1)Å, α = 90.30(1)°, β = 92.89(1)° and γ = 107.28(1)°. The thermal behavior of this new compound was studied, between 25 and 600°C, under atmospheric pressure by infrared spectrometry, X-ray diffraction, thermal analyses TGA and DTA coupled. This study allows us the identification and the crystallographic characterization of a new phase, MnAg2(PO3)4 isotype of ZnRb2(PO3)4, obtained between 350 and 450°C, mixed with the long-chain polyphosphate of silver AgPO3. The kinetic characteristics of the dehydration of MnAg4(P3O9)2.6H2O and the thermal phenomena accompanying this dehydration were determined and discussed on the basis of the proposed crystalline structure. The vibrational spectrum of the, MnAg4(P3O9)2.6H2O, was examined and interpreted in the domain of the stretching vibrations of the P3O9 rings, on the basis of the proposed crystalline structure and in the light of the calculation of the thirty fundamental IR frequencies for the idealized D3h symmetry.

Original languageFrench
Pages (from-to)909-932
Number of pages24
JournalPhosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and Related Elements
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2002



  • Characterization by x-ray diffraction
  • Infrared
  • MNDO
  • MnAg(PO) .6HO, MnAg(PO)
  • Silver manganese cyclotriphosphate
  • Thermal behavior

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