Chemical preparation and crystal data for two new cyclotriphosphates M IIK4(P3O9)2 (MII=Co 2+ and Mn2+)

Kacem Sbai, Malika Tridane, Ali Abouimrane, Saïd Belaaouad, Abdelouahed Cherqaoui

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Methods of chemical preparation and crystal data are reported for two new anhydrous cyclotriphosphates MIIK4(P3O 9)2 (MIICo2+ and Mn2+). These anhydrous cyclotriphosphates CoK4(P3O9)2 and MnK4(P3O9)2 were obtained by total dehydration of corresponding hydrated cyclotriphosphates CoK4(P3O 9)2.7H2O and MnK4P3O 9)2.2H2O CoK4(P3O9)2 is tridinic, space group P - 1, Z = 1 with the following unit-cell dimensions: a = 6.29(3) Å, b = 8.00(1)Å, c=13.05(8)Å, α=86.03(5)°, β= 98.00(1)°, γ=68.11(2)°. MnK4(P 3O9)2 crystallizes in the rhombohedral system, space group P-31c, Z=2 with the following unit-cell dimensions: a = b = 7.337(3)Å, c= 19.920(1)Å.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)224-226
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JournalPowder Diffraction
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 2003
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  • Anhydrous
  • Chemical preparation
  • CoK(PO
  • Crystal data
  • Cyclotriphosphate
  • MnK(P O
  • Powder diffraction

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