Attrition studies with catalysts and supports for slurry phase Fischer-Tropsch synthesis

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Attrition properties of several oxide supports and precipitated iron-based F-T catalyst (100Fe/3Cu/4K/16SiO2 in parts by weight) were evaluated using ultrasound irradiation test and stirred tank slurry reactor (STSR) test under non-reactive conditions. Attrition by fracture and erosion of the iron-based catalyst was small in both types of tests and its overall attrition strength was better than that of the alumina and silica supports, which were evaluated under the same conditions. Also, attrition studies with four iron-based F-T catalysts were conducted under reaction conditions in the STSR. Catalyst of similar composition, as that used in non-reactive studies, prepared by spray drying technique had the highest attrition strength among all catalysts tested.

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Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 2005
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