Analysis of gas flow in fluidized bed reactors

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Gas flow distribution and the cross-sectional areas occupied by the bubble and participate phases in a fluidized bed are examined for the models of Partridge and Rowe, Kunii and Levenspiel, and Fryer and Potter. It has been shown that for these models there exists a critical value of fluidizing gas velocity, defined as the gas velocity at which the area of one of the phases becomes equal to the total cross-sectional area of the bed. For a given set of model parameters the value of the critical fluidizing gas velocity can be predicted. Existence of such a critical velocity imposes restrictions on the applicability of these models. Some modifications of the Partridge-Rowe model are proposed in order to extend the region of validity of this model while retaining its basic features.

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JournalIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Fundamentals
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