Amidinium salts: Towards enabling electrochemistry in non-polar media from alkanes to ionic liquids

Yaser Abu-Lebdeh, Amer Hammami, Ali Abouimrane, Michel Armand

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There is little known about electrochemical behavior in non-polar media due to lack of compatible, hydrophobic salts. In this work, this difficult challenge has been overcome by following a strategy based on designing and synthesizing a novel family of organic salts with highly-delocalized cations and anions. The salts are based on the amidinium cation with highly-delocalized positive charge and long alkyl groups that enable good miscibility in heptane, an archetypical, non-polar media, while being hydrophobic, room-temperature ionic liquids. The electrolyte solutions show ionic conductivities that span the range 10− 11–10− 4 S cm− 1 and electrochemical activity which enable their application as antistatic agents and also as new type of hydrophobic electrolytes in various electrochemical devices.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)112-115
Number of pages4
JournalElectrochemistry Communications
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2017



  • Alkanes
  • Amidinium salts
  • Charge delocalization
  • Hydrophobic electrolytes
  • Hydrophobic ionic liquids
  • Non-polar media

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  • Electrochemistry

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