A Compact 31.47fJ/Conversion Subthreshold Level Shifter with Wide Conversion Range in 65nm MTCMOS

Yuan Cao, Biyin Wang, Xiaofang Pan, Xiaojin Zhao, Zhihuang Wen, Amine Bermak

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This paper presents an energy-efficient level shifter design that is capable of converting an extremely low input voltage to the supply voltage level. Featuring a core area as compact as 32.99μm2, the proposed design comprises a front-end current mirror and an output cross-coupled structure. Concretely, the current mirror is used to boost the complementary input signals to a proper level, with the operations of pull-up and pull-down networks well-balanced. The cross-coupled structure is used at the second stage to achieve a full-swing output. Additionally, multi-threshold CMOS transistors are employed and optimized to elevate the circuit performance. The prototype was fabricated using a commercial 65nm CMOS process. Experiments show that a 90mV low input voltage can be successfully converted to 1.2V. The energy consumed per conversion is reported to be 31.47fJ for converting a 0.2V input to 1.2V at 10MHz, and the corresponding propagation delay is measured to be 23.98ns.

Original languageEnglish
JournalIEEE Access
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 19 Sep 2018



  • high energy efficiency
  • Subthreshold level shifter
  • wide conversion range

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